Crazy House

Crazy House

The monster house or Crazy house is located in an area,  which is higher than 1600 m2 above the sea level on Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Dalat city.

The house story:

Hang Nga Villa " Crazy House " Today has become an extremely interesting attraction. The house was designed by a Vietnamese architect. Ms. Dang Viet Nga .

Originally, the house was named "Hang Nga Villa" but later changed to "Crazy House" because of the unique architecture of the house.

Overview About Crazy House.

Built-in 1990 and followed the abstract section and also follows the trend of Organic - Natural like some constructions in Barcelona Belonged to Antonio Gaudi, but the interior is quite modern. Travelers almost feel that they are staying in Alice's Wonderland when they admire the window with different concave shapes. You can see the garden in the villa with a giant spider made from iron with a very strange style. The villas consist of several rooms, such as an antebellum niche, which looks like a tree made of cement. The rooms are named as animals names: such as Kangaroo, Tigers, bears, monkeys, birds ... If you want to see these rooms, you have to go through the tiny stairs drifting around the trees.

The most beautiful room is probably the gourd room. and this is also one of the highest rooms in the villa, which is highly rated by tourists. In this room, you can burn wood in the gourd belly, it brings out the warmth when sleeping all night. Each room is fully equipped and luxurious furniture.

One thing that is particularly noticeable is that the ceilings, roofs, and doors are designed not to follow the usual rules. The roller shutters were cut into many unique shapes and placed immediately to the room entrance. From the balcony. Visitors can look through the window frames or see the spider's garden. The garden is not large, but very interesting and is home of many flowers, birds and animals.

in the evening. Guests will hear pleasant sounds like crickets as if they are in a forest in the middle of the city. The bizarre villa is the invitation of architect Dang Viet Nga about the love and nature closeness.

Meaning of the house.

Ms. Dang Viet Nga was very hardworking and heartly built this house. The structure of the villa is built by the network of  fox eyes lattice systems and covered by concrete. During construction time. After 18 years of existence, the villa was granted to the female architect Dang Viet Nga. she said she built the project with the desire to bring nature closer to modern architecture, and she hoped that people would aware of protecting the environment, love nature and stop destructive activities. She and her love for Dalat, she loves the natural scenery and wonderful climate with the gentle friendly people here That was the reason she decided to stay in this land.

About the owner of Hang Nga Villa.

Deng Viet Nga is the daughter of General Secretary Truong Chinh. She studied abroad and graduated from the University of Architecture in Moscow (1959-1965). She continued her Ph.D studies from 1969 to 1972 with a degree in architecture from the Ministry of Construction in Hanoi. . In 1983, she came to Da Lat, worked for the Design Institute of the Department of Construction and settled here until now. This year she has been over 70 but she still continues to work and pursue her weird ideas.

She wishes to expand the area of this hotel up to 9000 m2, making it could become a place to preserve the natural cultural values and architectural characteristics of Dalat. To implement this idea she said it needed an economic resource of about 100 billion Vnd.


The house was recognized in the top 10 most bizarre houses in the world by People's Daily.