DaLat University

Dalat University

The formation of Da Lat University

Under the planned project of Da Lat in 1923 by Hebrard Architects, a large area north of the city belonged to the military zone. In 1930, a military camp was established on a 38ha high ground, next to a golf course. Courbet (Campt Courbet). In 1939, the Courbet camp was converted to the Junior School (Escole dé Enfants de Troupe). In 1957, the school became the foundation for Dalat University

In the situation of a completely country unify, in 1975, the school was rebuilt after the war, initially as a pedagogical university and later upgraded to an integrated university of regional scale. to meet the demand for human resource training for many areas in the Central Highlands and South Central.

Dalat University is known as one of the most beautiful schools in the country. The school has a very personal style: more than 40 large and small works are built hidden under the layer of green trees shading on nearly 30 hectares, extremely suitable for studying

University of Da Lat today

In recent years, to meet the great demand of society, Dalat University has continuously expanded its training scale. The school also constantly upgraded, repaired and built some new buildings, including
The A30 lecture hall was built in 1996 with a floor area of 1000m2,
A27 was built in 1998 with a floor area. 2959m2, A8 built in 1992 with a floor area of 1518m2, library - built in 2003 with a floor area of 8424m2, the mini stadium - built in 2003.