Dambri Waterfall


With an impressive height of over 57m and a width of nearly 30m, the highest waterfall in Lam Dong - Dambri waterfall is located in the middle of Dambri resort, located in the northwest of Bao Loc city.

The story of Dambri Falls

An ancient legend says that this mountainous forest is inhabited by two tribes, but they live together unfriendly, in conflicts. In spite of this, a couple, K'Dam and B'ri of two tribes still deeply fell in love with each other despite knowing they would not be able to live together in the same house. All the life, planting livestock in the same field, giving birth to the baby ...
Because of the mercy of fate, one day, K'Dam left the village go into the forest without a farewell. B'ri also rushed to the forest to find her lover. But she couldnt see her. She was so helpless, not see him at where only see the forest birds. Desperate, she returned to the forest near the village, still expecting him to return. Day after day, she cried, crying until the last breath. Today is her fossil body considered is the waterfall, while the white water line is the sad tears of her sad fate.
It is because of sympathy and to remember the faithful couples and the two villages have lived in harmony, now they are allowing their children and grandchildren to be free to love, then the name Dambri are also from here.

General Dambri in Bao Loc.

At the core of ecological value and cultural values, Dambri Tourism Joint Stock Company has focused on developing these two values. To meet the diverse needs of tourists, a number of new tourist services, attractive, hotel - 2-star hotel has been deployed. In addition, visitors also can visit:
- Dambri primary forest with warm tropical forest diversity. Especially the giant trees.
- Dambri waterfall is 57m high, 30m wide in the center of the resort,
- The cave area is located on the third floor of the waterfall with many kinds of fossil trees, zoos