Dankia lake - Golden stream

Dankia lake - Golden stream

Dan Kia lake - Golden stream of Lac Duong district, far away from Da Lst city about 17 km to the north.

Dankia Lake History:

Before 1919, on the Lam Vien plateau there were many village of the Lat ( Lac, Lach, M'Lates and the Chil (Cil, Chin), the largest village was Dan Kia village on the banks of the Da River. Dan Kia was derived from Dang Ja- it meant grass hill.

On June 21, 1893, Dr. Alexandre Yesin crossed Da Don river and slept one night in Dan Kia, and from Dan Kia, he returned Riong (belong to Lam Hà nowadays).

After receiving a message from Doumer. On July 19, 1897, Yersin wrote a letter and introduced Langbiang plateau as a place to relaxing. He also suggested with Doumer to choose Dankia lake.

Golden stream 

Nowadays, when you come to the area of Dankia Lake- golden stream, you can visit following the plan: Golden valley – Akroet waterfall- Dankia lake and finally, Lang Biang Mountain with the height of 1929 meters above the sea level.