Golden Valley In Dalat

Golden Valley:

History of Golden Valley of Dalat.

Golden Valley far away from Da Lat about 14km, in the northwest. Located near Ankroet street.

In 1999, Director of Lam Dong Water Supply Tran Dinh Lanh had the intention to create a garden large about 3 hectares. The purpose of the garden was a place for the factory workers to relax after hours of hard work. Surprisingly, the garden was received much high appreciation. After that, the factory was assigned to manage over 174 hectares of forests. So he planned the scheme and proposed to the Union to build the ecotourism destinations. The project took step by step every year gradually. The project was designed by Nguyen Hoc Thanh and Le Van Khai of the Southern Construction Company.

Golden Valley of Da Lat.

Golden Valley officially opened on the first day of Tet (At Dau) holiday (2005). Previously, roads were hard to get. Until 2003, the State had facilitated to coat for two roads which were Tran Van Coi street and Ankroet street. That facilitated for tourists to visit the Golden Valley. Visitors will find an interesting construction is the iron gate made from the iron pipe. The car will cross the smooth green in the old pine forest.

Golden Valley with many rare bonsai trees. The trees were a lot of smart styles with strange plants and flowers that you can not see in Dalat.

Unique Ideas:

- The artificial waterfall is based on the spiritual element of the Vietnamese:" Feng Shui". Water is flowing from the Tu Linh garden (turtle, dragon, Lan, Phoenix). Farther than that í the image of the bamboo bridge in the south. The bottom of the waterfall has the water wheel like Tra Khu river of the middle of Vietnam.

- A statue of the deity is sowing the seeds of the life

Besides that, there is also an entertainment area called "Tai" with many stones that had been classified followed yin and Yang fatality in the Sutra translated.

- The slab is shaped like a sword with the words "Neo ve cua y "to remind the first moment of the golden valley formation.