Lam Dong Museum

Lam Dong museum 

Lam Dong Museum is located on a hill near Yen The street. The Address is No. 4 Hung Vuong street, Da Lat city, the museum far from the Center to the Northeast about 3 km. This is a place displaying many artifacts about the history of the local culture, reflecting the tradition, history of formation and development of Lam Dong province.

The Museum reserve and introduce about some analysis, geological researches and discover archeology, geology through the developmental stages of Lam Dong. The museum has 9 storage, displayed rooms include different categories was researched from a variety of sources. The artifacts were collected from Dai Lang area and Da Don area. Many hunting and gathering objects, Costumes were founded. Industries, paintings of festivals and spiritual life of the local ethnic groups and souvenirs from the two wars in Vietnam.


Not just a museum, this is a cultural center.T o attract visitors and diversified tourist products, there are 4 specialty Floors of the indigenous peoples such as Ma, K'ho, Churu is brought back to center. This is also a place to introduce some traditional trades like knitting ...Gong festivals,  Drinks a  traditional alcohol -" Can " were organized on special occasions during the year.


Coming to the museum visitors also have a chance to see clearly the musical instrument made of rock found in B' Lao commune, Di Linh district  with the ages  were about  3000 to 3500 years, vestiges architectures of Proh (Don Duong), Cat Tien, and other vestiges architectures were excavated from the graves of many ethnic minorities in the area such as Đại Làng (Bao Lâm), Đại Lào (Bảo Lộc) Da Don

 (Lam Ha) ... The collection very rich with nearly 10,000 ceramic specimens, iron, precious bronze artifacts in Southeast Asia.  The museum is trying to create a charismatic value for this place.