Pongour Waterfall

PONGOUR Waterfall

Also known as Tiantai Waterfall or 7-Terraces waterfall, the majestic Pongour Ecotourism area is located in Duc Trong District, Lam Dong Province, about 40 km from Dalat on the road from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat.

The story of Pongour Falls

Legend: The chief of Phu Hoi, Tan Hoi, Tan Thanh in the past was a beautiful K'ho lady called Kanai. Her dedication is to domesticate animals to serve the interests of the people of the tribe. Among the beasts that special was the four remarkable rhinoceros, completely submissive to the orders of Kanai to clear the forest land to plant corn, sow rice, and Always willing to fight against the enemy to bring peace for the village. people in the village thank to the elephant. However, on the full moon in the spring of the same year, Kanai died. Because too mercilessly for the death of the master, four Rhinoceros do not eat food and sadly, day and night wrapped around the female chief does not leave until death. A few days later, when the sun just dawn, where Kanai rested has transformed into a beautiful majestic waterfall. Everybody in the village is surprised. It turns out that the mossy rocks. The rocks are the rhinoceros horns and the fresh white water that Kanai's hair. This is the eternal symbol that proves the strong relationship between the human and the wild.

Today's Pongour Falls:

On each lunar month of the lunar calendar every year, Kho People celebrate the festival here to meet, learn and get to know each other and wish for a good crop.

With tourist values preserved and kept, on April 13, 2000, Pongour was recognized by the government as a national tourist destination.