Thuy Ta Restaurant

Thủy Tạ Restaurant

History of Thuy Ta Restaurant.

When the Lake (Grand Lac) was set up to create a landscape for Dalat. Mr. Hesbrand-a famous architect had not forgotten to add a charm for the lake, and finally, a small island with a 64 to 68 in diameter was formed to connect the space from the Palace hostel to the lake.

At first, the house was built with lovely wood as the highlight of the lake's eyes like a welcome to visitors who want to see the scenery and go fishing. After a short time to 1930s. The restaurant has a new function like as a water sports club (can boating or swimming...) is rebuilt with a very unique architecture as a picture of a frog's nest. (Grenouillere),looks like floating houses on the water. Three-level jump system with slender surface and definitive. Later, because of many reasons or because of the climate that swimming trends did not develop well, the club was used as a small cafeteria.

After 1975, the Thuy Ta restaurant was under the Lam Dong tourism company management, it was reused as a small restaurant. The building is decorated with pure white. blends with the blue of the lake and pine forest, emerging in the clear sky. It has become a symbol of Dalat city.