Tiger Waterfall

Tiger Waterfall

On Highway 20, run out of Trai Mat, turn left at kilometer 13 and continue driving between pine forest about 2.7km on the winding slope, you will reach the tiger cave waterfall in Tu Son village, Xuan commune Tho, Da Lat city.

History of Tiger Cave waterfall in Da Lat

In the midst of the jungle with many mammals, in 1950 there was a cave at the foot of a waterfall with two doors at the top of the falls and at the right bank of the stream. It is known that this is the refuge of "Mr. 30" - "lord of the forest", the beast of all species, A tiger. At that time, when he heard "Mr. 30" in this area, many hunters have drawn with a desire to conquer the mountain lord here. One day, "Mr. 30" was shot by a hunter and was wounded one leg. "Mr 30." was angry, screaming out loud to the mountains and forests because too painful and then leave the cave, hide into the deep forest. From then on, people living nearby no longer fear the lord, and the name of the tiger cave originated here. Inside the cave on the 25m high waterfall, there is a statue of 5m high, 10m long with the appearance of a dreaded tiger, near a statue of a hunter cross-legged standing with shooting tiger posture.

General of Tiger Cave.

With a height of about 25m and more than 10, tiger cascade is an ideal natural tourist spot by majestic scenery, white water stream erupted from the top down the stream of cold mist, then flowing to dense primary forest.